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What are the standout features of the Volvo EX90's interior design

What are the standout features of the Volvo EX90's interior design

Posted on 7/9/2024 by Charles Jordan - Leave a Comment
The Volvo EX90's interior design showcases several innovative and luxurious features:

Customizable atmosphere: The EX90 offers seven different "rooms" or interior themes, allowing drivers to personalize the vehicle's appearance and ambiance.

Sustainable materials: Volvo has prioritized eco-friendly options, including Nordico, a new material made from recycled PET bottles and bio-attributed materials. They also offer a premium wool blend upholstery that is certified according to strict sustainability standards.

Scandinavian-inspired design: The interior emphasizes simplicity and well-being, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design principles with clean lines and an uncluttered layout.

Advanced infotainment system: The EX90 features a new core computer that is customizable and has memory settings, allowing for one-touch access to various functions.

Spacious design: As a seven-seater SUV, the EX90 offers ample space for passengers and cargo, with up to 67.6 cubic feet of cargo space.

Natural interior lighting: The design incorporates elements to enhance the natural light inside the vehicle.

Air purifier: This feature helps maintain a clean and healthy interior environment.

Panoramic roof: Adding to the sense of spaciousness and allowing more natural light into the cabin.

Tailored dash and paneling: These elements contribute to the overall luxurious feel of the interior.

Available headrest speakers: Enhancing the audio experience for passengers.

These features combine to create an interior that balances luxury, technology, and sustainability, setting the EX90 apart in the electric SUV market.





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