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Tell me about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Tell me about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Posted on 3/22/2023 by Jane Collins - Leave a Comment
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a U.S. government agency responsible for promoting road safety and reducing vehicle-related crashes, injuries, and fatalities in the United States. The NHTSA was established in 1970 by the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, and it is part of the United States Department of Transportation.

The primary role of the NHTSA is to develop and enforce vehicle performance standards and regulations, including those related to crashworthiness, crash avoidance, and fuel economy. The agency also conducts research, collects data, and educates the public on issues related to road safety, such as drunk driving, distracted driving, and seat belt use.

The NHTSA has the authority to investigate and recall vehicles that do not meet safety standards or have a defect that could pose a risk to drivers, passengers, or pedestrians. The agency also works with state and local governments, as well as private organizations, to promote safe driving behaviors and prevent vehicle-related crashes.

Some of the key programs and initiatives of the NHTSA include:

The New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), which provides consumers with safety ratings for new vehicles based on crash test results and other factors. The National Center for Statistics and Analysis, which collects and analyzes data on traffic crashes, injuries, and fatalities to inform policy and program development. The Click It or Ticket campaign, which promotes seat belt use and enforces seat belt laws. The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign, which aims to reduce drunk driving by increasing enforcement of drunk driving laws.

The SaferCar app and website, which provide safety ratings, recall information, and other resources for consumers. Overall, the NHTSA plays a critical role in promoting road safety and reducing the toll of vehicle-related crashes in the United States.

FYI: You Can Report a Safety Problem by filing a complaint with NHTSA

Have you experienced a vehicle, tire, car seat, or equipment safety problem that could be a safety defect?

If so, you can file a complaint that we will carefully review — like we do with every safety problem submitted to NHTSA. Complaints like yours help us investigate possible defects, which could lead to a safety recall.

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