My Volvo On Call App and SOS Button Stopped Working. What can I do?

My Volvo On Call App and SOS Button Stopped Working. What can I do?

Subject: Volvo Connected Services – 3G Network Phaseout

If your Volvo is a 
> 2015.5 S60, V60, XC60, X70 
> 2016 S60, V60, XC60, XC70, XC90
>2017 S60, V60, XC60
it relied on a 3G wireless connection from AT&T and they closed down 3G service in January of 2022.  This effected all 3G phones and 3G modems found in offices, car and other places.

This closure impacted Volvo vehicles with 3G modems, resulting in a loss of connected services. 

Connected Services affected after January 2022 on all listed vehicles:
> Emergency services, including SOS and roadside assistance
> Volvo On Call in-car and app functionality, including remote services and service booking
> Integrated connected apps

My Volvo On Call App and SOS Button Stopped Working. What can I do?
Contact your local Volvo dealer and ask how much it will cost to have a new - upgraded modem installed.  
As of July 2022, Volvo is offering Two years Complimentary Volvo Cars App Included when you purchase the new modem.

FAQ from Volvo Cars

Will my Volvo On Call app still function?
No. If your vehicle is affected, you will lose app functionality.  
Solution: Upgrade the modem in your Volvo to a newer version.

Why can't I renew my VOC subscription?
No. If your vehicle is affected, you will lose app functionality.  
Solution: Upgrade the modem in your Volvo to a newer version.

Does Volvo offer an upgrade for affected cars?
Yes, please contact you local Volvo Dealer for prices and more info,

Will Emergency & SOS functions still operate?
NO, These functions will no longer operate without an upgrade due to relying on 3G service.

Will SiriusXM be impacted?
No; any SiriusXM based service will not be affected.

Why did Volvo sell a new car with 3G technology when 4G was available?
The development cycle of a car line spans the course of years before availability. Although we work closely
with network partners to plan ahead, Volvo is not responsible for the cellular infrastructure. The vehicles were
designed prior to announced sunset dates and were sold with the standard technology available at the time.

I am concerned about the safety of my vehicle without emergency services.
The vehicle's integrity and safety are not compromised. Volvo does acknowledge that consumers may view emergency services (SOS/eCall) as safety features, resulting in Volvo offering a 4G upgrade option.

Why isn't the 4G upgrade free?
Technology ages, and we are forced to adapt. This means material and handling costs that must be incurred.
The intention is to provide a cost-effective and viable solution that meets the expectations of our consumers.
(I.e., an integrated solution is required vs. a less costly dongle type solution to safeguard system functionality.)

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