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the all electric Volvo SUV

Hi my name is Pietro Simonson and I'm product manager for first pure electric SUV the new Volvo XC 40 recharge. It's based on our award-winning compact luxury SUV the XC 40 and recharged to give you the best experience with no compromises with the clear SUV identity.  The XC40 Recharge brings you new levels of innovation performance and sustainability it's designed for an active urban lifestyle and created with one mission to give you the freedom to move in a personal sustainable and in a safe way before we dive into the technology inside let's take a look at the outside the XT 40 recharge is a true SUV with the powerful stance and sporty expression. 

At the front of the car the clamshell hood together with a dramatic surface area works very well with the new color-coordinated covered grill this is to emphasize the new era of electric cars at the same time the covered grille improves the cars aerodynamics the site has a strong sculptured profile the kick in the rear including the glossy black design the contrasting black roof and the embossed recharge logo are distinctive statements of electrification the rear wheels are wider to optimize performance and looks especially for the XC 40 Recharge.

We created these wheels in diamond cut design they are available in both 19 and 20 inches to further emphasize our new line of advanced pure electric cars.

We added the P8 Recharge ranked mark to connect with pure and the digit 8 to reflect the car's battery capacity.

Eight exterior colors are available for you to create your own personal x40 research like this one english or silver or why not the new colors sage green for a more trendy earth look.

In the passenger compartment we didn't make any compromises the generous load volume above the load floor is the same 413 liters as in the previous 60/40 the rear seats can be folded flat and the partial shelf can be stored underneath the load floor when not in use when you need to transport a lot of things or tow a trailer the car offers a towing capacity of 1500 kilos the powerful electric motors and all-wheel drive makes it easy to tow even in difficult road conditions and the tow bar is easy to use we have created even more space for you since thick c4 to recharge is a pure electric car we freed up space in the front here you can purchase charging cables a bag or washing fluid for instance under the floor you'll find this Perkins the interior is a spacious and comfortable as in the previous XC 40 thanks to clever battery design we didn't have to compromise everyone can enjoy generous legroom and Headroom even in the rear seat the interior design adds to a sporty in-command driving experience with the seats in shock or nappa leather and notebook textile and the cutting edge aluminum decker it creates one of the four interior themes of course we will also offer a leather free upholstery there's plenty of smart storage solutions for your belongings like the spacious Durbin's the 15 watts inductive charger for your phone the removable storage bin and the hook for take away everything to make your life easier with ex a 40 recharge we also take a big step in providing a more personal and connected experience we preferably connect with the EXCI 40 recharge our goal was to give people the same kind of intuitive experience in the car as they're used to on their phone so when we create our new infotainment system we partnered with the best in the field google the cars entertainment system is powered by Android and features helpful apps including the Google assistant google maps and google play google maps helps you reach your next destination faster with real-time traffic info automatic rerouting and voice control naturally Google Maps also offers a lot of useful information for an electric car including range estimated battery level when you reach your destination and finding charging stations along your route hey Google find charging stations nearby there are two electric vehicle charging stations nearby do you want to go there the Google assistant helps you get more done hands-free and it's standard in the XC 40 recharge hit the road with Google assistant send messages play music and control your car using just your voice in an easy and intuitive way hey Google how's the traffic to work a new way to work traffic is light as usual it is 23 minutes by car and because the car is connected to the Internet you can do web searches and interact with any devices that support to Google assistant for instance you can control devices at home from your car hey Google turn off the lights at home sure turning off 15 lights the Carl's have features Google Play giving you access to apps that have been adapted for in-car use for more convenient and fun life on the road the user interface offers a much improved experience we have also updated the displays with new graphic design and new functions especially developed for an electric car the driver is even more InFocus that can easily tailor the displays to their needs and driving situation there are three distinct driver display modes calm navi and car centric of course essential driver information is shown in all modes just like information about battery capacity and range and the center display touch screen is equally updated with customizable tiles giving you even more intuitive and smoother control of the cars functions while driving another thing that will make life easier is over-the-air updates you no longer have to visit the workshop to get the latest in car software updates you'll simply get a message in the cars display I can select the time for an update during the night when the car is part it's all about making life less complicated thanks to the cars powerful battery you can always enter a comfortable cabin no matter if it's hot or cold outside you can even pre activate your heated seats and steering wheel with your valve own cold app all you have to do to access and drive away is to carry your key don't bother looking for the Start button because there is none in fact it's integrated in the seats as a sensor so once seated just press the brake pedal choose your gear and off you go it can't be easier our pure electric x40 research really takes driving to a new level the electric powertrain is at the heart of the driving experience the dual high performing 408 horsepower electric motors provide a real inspiring and refined drive the instant torque of 660 Newton metres means you can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds and you can enjoy smooth linear acceleration at all speeds in silence and with Sierra tailpipe emissions no compromise used a truly inspiring Drive front and rear electric motors also give an even weight distribution and together they provide all-wheel-drive stability in all conditions the power is instantly distributed between the rear and front wheels for maximum traction and stability on all roads and in all weathers the electric powertrain also offers the benefits of regenerative braking and one pedal drive instead of using the regular breaks for breaking the electric motors are used to slow down the speed at the same time they recharge the battery to provide a longer range one pedal drive means you only use the accelerator press for acceleration release for braking this brings a more relaxed Drive in the city and a more intuitive control the battery is large so you don't have to charge it so often the high voltage 78 kilowatt hour battery gives you a projected range of over 400 kilometres this makes it the perfect electric car in the city as well as belong your distances the battery also lowers the center of gravity stiffens the body and gives it an even weight distribution and it helps to reduce road noise together all this makes the car even more fun and comfortable to drive when you need to fill up the XC 40 recharge it goes quick and easy at the 150 kilowatt for charging DZ station for example you can fill up the battery from zero to 80% within around 40 minutes and if you short at home you can charge the battery easly overnight with the three-phase wallbox the valve encore lab gives full control of battery status and charging to us at Volvo Cars safety is always at the core of everything we do our commitment to help and protect in traffic has been with us since the start in 1927 and with the XE 40 recharge we have created one of the safest cars on the road the complete body structure the crumple zones the seats and the car restraint system everything interact to help protect everyone inside the car if an accident cannot be avoided with electrification the combustion engine has been removed and with that we needed to rethink the car's front structure the redesigned front structure is designed to protect the occupants in the car but also to help reduce the effects on the occupants in the other car being an electric car the XE 4d recharge also features a large high voltage battery the battery is safely embedded in the car's floor structure and it is protected by its own unique safety cage which helps keep you and the battery safe but the best way to stay safe is always trying to avoid an accident so with the XC 40 recharge we introduced our new driver assist platform this system features the next generation of cameras radars and ultrasonic sensors that help keep a constant outlook day or night it can detect vehicles pedestrians cyclists and if needed it can alert you apply Auto braking and even help you see your way to avoid a collision and to help keep you in control this technology can provide gentle driver support from standstill up to highway speeds this new system is also prepared for future innovations that will make your everyday driving easier more relaxed and more safe the XC 40 recharge is there to support you and if necessary to help protect just as you would expect from one of the world's safest course the XC 40 recharge pure electric delivers like no other on both sustainability and a powerful driving experience and last but not least on safety for everyone inside and outside the car no compromises this is just our most inspiring and caring scandinavian compact luxury SUV

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