Volvo Preconditioning The XC40 Recharge

Preconditioning is a climate function that, if possible, attempts to achieve a comfortable temperature in the passenger compartment before driving.

Preconditioning can be direct-started from the center display.

The function utilizes several of the vehicle's systems:

  • In cold weather, the parking heater heats the passenger compartment to a comfortable temperature.
  • In warm weather, air conditioning cools the passenger compartment to a comfortable temperature.
  • Heating for the rear window and door mirrors is automatically activated as needed.

During preconditioning in a hot climate, condensation from the air conditions may drip under the vehicle. This is normal.


Preconditioning is available when the high-voltage battery is sufficiently charged, but the vehicle's range will be affected if preconditioning is carried out when the vehicle is not plugged in for charging.


During preconditioning of the passenger compartment, the vehicle works to reach a comfortable temperature and not the temperature set in the climate system.

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