The Volvo Estate - Design Icon & Faithful Companion

The Volvo Estate - Design Icon & Faithful Companion

This book chronicles the history of the world’s most iconic estate car (station wagon), with a wonderful variety of images, some of which have never been published before. The first Volvo car went on sale in 1927 and this book tells the story of the much-loved estate right up to the V90.

At last, a dedicated publication that explains the history of the worlds most versatile station wagon, a global workhorse and comfortable family vehicle. Sweden’s answer to Germany’s people’s car arrived some 20 years earlier, and quickly paved the way for safe and dependable vehicles. This book chronicles the evolution of the Volvo estate car, with every model featured. Whether you are a Volvo lover or just have a general interest in cars, this book offers an informative and interesting look into a car that has had very little media coverage, despite its vast global sales success and the affection with which it is held by so many. This new edition has been updated with details of the latest models in 2019.

The history of the worlds best loved estate car.

Fascinating images, some of which have never been published.

Featuring the early story of Volvo, leading to the introduction of the estate model (station wagon)

Production figures for all Volvo estate car models.

A handy resource for any classic car enthusiast.

A unique vehicle, often fondly considered a member of the family

Includes all estate models up to 2019

Product Details
Publisher: Veloce
ISBN: 978-1-787116-07-8

Paperback • 20.7x20.7cm • 160 pages • 319 pictures

About Veloce Publishing:
A Paperback with 160 pages and over 300 pictures from Veloce Publishing. There are  is primarily an automotive book publisher based in Poundbury, Dorset. Founded in 1991 by Rod Grainger and Jude Brooks, it has published over 700 print and electronic titles under the Veloce name, and a further 30 plus under its Hubble & Hattie imprint, which deals with animal-related subjects.

You can purchase this book online at Veloce Publishing.


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